Home Gas Line Repair, Replacement and Installation in Guernsey, WY

Your property’s gas main is the line that feeds fuel into many critical appliances in your home, such as a dryer, hot water heater, oven, and many other appliances. Luckily for Guernsey occupants, Zell Heating & Cooling, LLC offers extensive home gas line repair solutions, including 24 hour availability for emergency circumstances. From fixing pipes which have been cracked, punctured, or collapsed, to providing full replacement solutions utilizing trenchless methods, we do it all. Call today to see what contractors with over 50 years of combined experience can do for your Guernsey home’s gas line.

Residential Gas Line Repair in Guernsey

In the event that you smell gas, or you suspect a leak in your gas line, you must take immediate steps to protect yourself, your family, and property from harm. You must shut off your gas main first, and if that does not solve the issue, you then need call your utility company and have them shut off the gas flowing into your home. Once gas is no longer flowing to your home, you should call Zell Heating & Cooling, LLC. We have been repairing residential gas lines since 2007. Our experienced contractors know exactly what to do to get your house safely supplied with gas in no time at all.

Your Trusted Home Gas Line Installation Experts

While we generally appreciate a proactive homeowner, home gas line installation is something that requires specialized tools and knowledge to complete safely. Fortunately for Guernsey homeowners, Zell Heating & Cooling, LLC has years of hands on training and specialized devices to properly install gas main lines and valves using minimally invasive techniques. We’ve been servicing the community since 2007, earning their trust with excellent home gas range installations, from top to bottom.

Residential Gas Line Replacement in Guernsey

Our residential gas line replacement services involve replacing the underground natural gas line via a minimally invasive digging technique called trenchless digging. In trenchless digging, sometimes referred to as directional digging, there’s no need for expensive open holes in the bottom. We just bore two little holes, known as a launching and receiving pit. After that, we drill at an angle and bore out a hole huge enough to lay a new pipe without destroying your property. This saves everyone time and money, which explains why we’re Guernsey’s number 1 choice for home gas line substitution and repair.


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