Home and Commerical Boiler Maintenance & Upkeep Services in Torrington, WY

When it comes to boiler upkeep, it is essential that you have your machine routinely inspected so that it keeps working smoothly and doesn’t endanger your home or business. When it comes down to it, your boiler is connected to your water, gas, and electrical lines, and anything that goes wrong with it could potentially be very dangerous. Your boiler is also complex, with a lot of parts that function together to bring heat to your building and water. For these reasons, it’s important to bring in a trained professional for your boiler repair and maintenance needs.

Industrial Boiler Maintenance in Torrington

If you’re experiencing problems with your industrial boiler, or you just know that it’s been a while since you checked up on it and made sure everything was running smoothly, Zell HVAC & Plumbing in Torrington can come perform a routine inspection. In that routine inspection, we check the controls to ensure that they’re functioning correctly, check for leaks and corrosion, inspect the internal components and the safety devices, and make sure that everything is securely connected and sealed.

Triangle Tube Boiler Maintenance in Torrington

Included in the boiler repair and maintenance services that we offer is triangle tube boiler maintenance. These boilers, like other boilers, require routine maintenance but have extra enhanced features that require special attention. We here at Zell HVAC & Plumbing in Torrington are trained to service triangle tube boilers and all their parts. We will ensure the self cleaning fire tube heat exchanger is working properly and free of corrosion, and check the sensors, and inspect the microprocessor to ensure smooth operation.

Oil Boiler Maintenance in Torrington

Oil boiler maintenance is also part of our industrial boiler maintenance services. When you need home or industrial boiler maintenance for your oil boiler, Zell HVAC & Plumbing in Torrington has the training to service, repair, and restore your boiler to working condition. We check the overall condition, clean the heat exchanger and flue pipe, inspect and clean the doors, replace the oil nozzle if needed, and tune up the belts, electrodes, wiring, and filters. Our experts can safely and securely service all your boiler needs.


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