Commercial Water Heater Repair, Installation, Replacement & More in Torrington, WY

Outdated or neglected commercial water heater maintenance can negatively affect your Torrington business’ bottom line. At Zell Heating & Cooling, LLC, we start with honest and fair assessments that provide you a transparent bid for whatever commercial hot water heater repair service you need. We offer comprehensive water heater services, including commercial water heater installation, repair, and ongoing maintenance. We’ve earned the trust of the Torrington business community by offering effective solutions, honest and fair bids, and a pleasant customer service experience. No matter the scope of the job, we’ll get your commercial hot water heater repair done right.

Commercial Gas Water Heater Installation

Commercial water heater installation in Torrington comes with its own unique set of considerations. That’s why Zell Heating & Cooling, LLC provides dedicated commercial gas water heater installation services. We provide complete assessments of your building to offer the specific water heater that will fit your budget while running smoothly for years to come. We see a lot of commercial gas water heater installations because of the relatively easy nature of the repair, installation, and maintenance process. Our unique, holistic approach to commercial water heater installation and other services is one of the reasons we’ve been able to say in business for half a century!

Commercial Electric Hot Water Heater Repair

Commercial electric hot water heater repairs require a company with hands on experience installing, repairing, and maintaining these models. Unlike gas water heaters, electric models don’t combust gas, and because of this, they require different approaches to repair. Zell Heating & Cooling, LLC will send a certified and licensed technician to assess your unit, and once the problem has been identified, they will work with you to develop a customized commercial repair plan that fits your needs without breaking the bank. We even provide ongoing commercial water heater maintenance for added value.

Commercial Tankless Gas Water Heater Repair

We have seen an increase in commercial tankless gas water heater repairs in Torrington because more business owners in Torrington are realizing the cost and energy saving benefits of these smaller, more efficient units. However, finding the right company with hands on experience servicing these modern models can be difficult. That’s why Zell Heating & Cooling, LLC has spent the last half-century optimizing our commercial water heater services, to serve our customers better.


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