Gas Line Replacement & Installation Services in Torrington, WY

While we always appreciate a proactive homeowner, underground gas line installation is something best left to the pros. We’ve got years of hands on training and specialized equipment to properly install gas main lines and valves with minimally invasive techniques that allow us to maximize efficiency without compromising affordability. We’ve been servicing the Torrington community for years, and through our dedication to superior underground gas line installations, repairs, and maintenance service, we’ve been able to serve dozens of homes and businesses throughout the area. Call today for a free estimate or explore our other service options online.

Main Gas Line Replacement in Torrington

Main gas line replacement jobs have a reputation of being destructive to property, lengthy, and as a result, rather expensive. However, Zell Heating & Cooling, LLC proudly offers a new approach to main gas line replacement. After a physical and visual inspection of the issue has been found, one of our master technicians utilizes modern trenching techniques to dig out the old broken line. From there, we remove the old line, replacing it with a brand new main gas line. Our comprehensive approach has earned us the trust of the Torrington community.

Torrington’s Trenchless Gas Line Repair

Our trenchless gas line repair and trenchless gas main replacement service involve replacing the underground natural gas service line with a minimally invasive digging technique. In trenchless or directional digging, there’s no need for expensive, open holes in the ground, only two small launchings and receiving pit. By essentially drilling underneath the soil and boring out a hole large enough to lay new pipe, we’re able to repair, replace, and install gas lines without the need to destroy concrete or landscaping. This saves everyone time and money, which is why we’re Torrington’s number one choice for trenchless gas main replacement and repair.

Gas Line Valve Replacement Service

Houses and businesses with natural gas will typically have a main shutoff valve. These valves allow you to stop the flow of gas to any appliance on the property. However, over time, these valves can wear down and break. If you suspect a gas line valve on your property is broken, call a utility company immediately to shut off your gas. Then, we’ll come in and provide top to bottom gas line valve replacement solutions that will get your property back to working order in no time.


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